Skip years of trying to grow organically
  • Fill your Groups, Challenges & Webinars
  • Sell your Digital Products, Courses & Programs
Using Low-risk, high-return ad strategies
You want to live that laptop life
LET'S BE HONEST: There are a lot of ways to sell your digital products and services but...

Most of the 'organic' strategies to grow your info business online take a lot of time... or simply don't work anymore

Investing weeks into creating a course that nobody buys or chasing after clients using different FB groups, LinkedIn messages, and other social media platforms is the worst feeling in the world…

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything to grow your business online but nothing seemed to work?

Did you invest hours creating and giving away all this ‘FREE upfront value’...
but you don't get any visibility or sales?

organic methods keep you stuck

but they don't tell you that
If you are like me and you bought a course about selling courses and getting coaching clients before you were probably told that organic traffic is the holy grail of marketing because it is free. So you just need to start a YouTube channel, blog or podcast, right? Wrong. You have to invest a lot of your time. Your most valuable resource. Your teachers probably told you to stay away from ads because they knew that telling you to invest in ads after you already paid for their course doesn’t sell well. Well, please go and check in Facebooks ads library. Most of your teachers are running ads. And there is a reason why they do that...

You don't See Results

that's why it's hard to focus
You do the work. You put in the hours. Shoot a YouTube Video. Write a blogpost. Should you start a podcast? You add ‘leads’ as friends on Facebook. You send out DMs on Instagram. You come across an ad that looks interesting. And now you end the day buying the nex quick fix. More money went out instead of in. You try to get it right but it’s hard to stick with something if you don’t see results. You lack focus and leverage.

A tiny budget is enough

to leverage your efforts
Yes, with ads you can burn a lot of money quickly. But only if you don’t know what you do. With the right strategy a budget starting at $5 - $ 25 per day can make a huge difference. It’s 2020 and you are kinda late in this game. But this can buy you time. Literally. It will allow you to grow and monetize in the fastest way possible. Once you nailed the basics, you can scale your business in a way you would have never imagined. You will never want to go back.

I was stuck for the longest time until...

I unlocked the power of Ads

and made 100k within my first 6 months
...once I got this right, everything changed for me
I learned how to grow and monetize an audience fast!
In spring 2020 I found myself at the lowest point I have been so far. I worked really hard as a freelancer and to grow my Facebook ads agency during my pregnancy to save up some money so that I can slow things down and spend time with my son once he is born.

I couldn’t save as much as I wanted and I was really drained from working poor for unappreciative clients. With the pandemic and so much uncertainty, I was worried about the future. I was vulnerable. And that’s when I fell for the program of one of these Gurus.

I ended up losing 12,000 USD. 
I’ve been running Facebook ads for almost a decade and all these years, I grew other people's businesses but never used Facebook ads to grow my own brand.
I just thought it wouldn’t work for me because ‘I am not that public figure people look up to’.

Now I found myself with my back against the wall. I was so ashamed of bringing myself and my son in this situation. I didn’t want to borrow money from my family.
So with my last savings, I decided to bet on myself this time.
And it worked. 
Within the first month, I grew a Facebook group from 0 to 1000 members and generated 10k in revenue from it.

4 months later, I recovered everything I lost in my ‘Fake guru adventure’ just through selling digital products ranging from $7 - $97.

The product sales and the new 1:1 clients totaled up to 100k in new revenue for my business over the next 6 months.

All that was fueled by running ads very strategically and in a way that they would deliver a fast return on investment so that I could keep spending money on running them and further grow my brand and monetize my audience.

Less than a dinner in town
What if you could learn the strategies around running simple paid ads and skip years of trying to grow organically?
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Funnels & Ads Pro LITE

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Plug & Play Funnels and Ads

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  • ​Video-Sales-Letter Funnel
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Proudly presenting

Funnels & Ads Pro LITE

Get Live Ad Coaching, Strategies that actually Work, Templates, Planners and On-demand Training with a Social Media Ad Expert and her Facebook Blueprint Certified Agency Team For Only $49/MONTH 

Access to the tools, experience & strategies of a professional Facebook Ads agency...

​...for a fraction of the standard agency fees

Get ​professional feedback on your landing pages, ad creatives, ad copies and targeting
Regular Price = $297 / MONTH

Today's Price = $49


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